Sarah's Shit
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2003-12-26 01:10:53 (UTC)

Christmas Sucks

Merry fuckin Christmas, everybody. What is the point of
this whole thing, anywayz? I've been sitting in front of a
computer screen for about three hours, avoiding various
family members...::cough:: mom and Andy ::cough::.... if
you were me, then you'd be avoiding my relatives, too. For
those of you who havn't met them, most of my family members
should be in jail or asylums. They're demented, and they
take pleasure in cruel and unusual punishments. Oh wait,
so do I.... but the only thing I have in common with the
people I live with is that our dna matches. But that's
okay, because my mom is at my Grandpa's house, and my
little brother and mie dad are watching a movie. I can
kinda see it from here in the other room, but they can't
see me. Yai. That's an awesome word. I sorta adopted it
from Alex, but I pretty much only say it around her. Oh
well, I'm runnin out of things that are worth saying, so
I'm gonna rap it up. Oh yeah, one more thing: Spiderman
rocks my face off!!!!(and Maggie's face, but oh well) lol
I'm gonna go now, so byez!!!