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2003-12-26 00:10:15 (UTC)

Merry Christmas...not.

Well today is the day the Lord Jesus Christ was born, and
I'm depressed.

Nick was in a bad mood again today, he yelled at me
for 'always wanting him to get things done right away.' It
is true, I do always want him to get things done right
away, but I don't think there is anything wrong with that.
Nothing at all. I absolutely detest the fact that he feels
he has to procrastinate everything. I just hope we can
work it out, and under normal circumstances I would give
in and apologize, but I'm really beginning to feel my
anger become pent up. Maybe my professor was right when
she said that the reason I have such violent dreams is
because I hold all of my anger inside.


So far I've netted quite a few really awesome presents.
From Nick I got a Past, Present, and Future diamond
necklace. It's truely gorgeous. From Arnie I got Buffy the
Vampire Slayer Season 4, awesome. From grandma and grandpa
Nick and I got a $100.00 gift certificate to Fareway for
groceries, cool. And from my mom Nick and I got the X-Men
and X-2 DVD's as well as a few smaller gifts. I know that
from Teresa, Nick and I got a punching bad and boxing
gloves, which just might be the solution to my pent up
anger problem. The only Christmas's left are Jan and my
dad, and I have no clue what we got from either of them.

So what's my conclusion in all of this? Well, we decided
we're staying with Arnie until I graduate from school,
which personally I think is an excellent idea. That way I
don't have to worry about working, and I can focus on
school work. Plus Arnie won't be alone. Once again, what
is my conclusion?

~You have written the script for my life among the stars.
I only have to read it.

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