My Diary
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2003-12-26 00:00:15 (UTC)


Thanks to all of my friends who have been there for me all
the time. I know that sometimes we all get on each other
nerves, but at the end we all love each other. I mean yea
we all get in fights and beleive it or not I fight with
yall more then I do with my own sisters, but when we are
through fighting we always end up close and able to trust
each other alot more. Yea and sometimes they don't end out
the way we want them to, but things happen for a reason. I
want to thank everyone who has ever givin me advice.
Beleive me if I didn't go with waht you told me I thought
about it long and hard. The best thing for anyone to do is
give me advice about my problems because that shows me
that you really and truly care. I don't know where I would
be without yall. Even my friends that I just met
(LINDSAY!!) I feel like I've been knowing yall my whole
life when I've only been knowing yall for a short amount
of time. I hope we all get alot closer, and I will never
forget about yall. I'm always here if yall need anything
even if we haven't talked for freakin twenty years. THANKS


Alycia and Stephanie- Don't forget about our deal for
after highschool!! I love yall so much!!

Samantha Stephanie Alycia and Heather- Thanks for
everything I don't know where I would be without yall.
Yall are like freakin sisters to me. I love yall!!

Lindsay S.- Girl I've been knowing you for like what....a
half a year...and you are like AWESOME. I know I can trust
you. I'm here for you whenever you need anything. We have
like the same problems its kinda funny. lol. I love you

Kassie. You are just straight up awesome kid and I love
you. Remember I'm not forgetting about you in highschool
and you will come party with me!

Beau and Adrian. Yall are awesome. I love yall so much.
HAHA. Beau Elizebeth and Adrian Marie:-d

Joseph Michael- You are crazy kid. Thanks for everything.
I hope we get closer and I hope you and Sam stay together
for a long time. You better treat her good or Imma have to
hurt you.

Justin Michael and Jordan Paul- Oh My. Yall are like my
brothers and yall know that. Yall have always been there
for me when I needed anything. Yall are the best. I love
yall so much. Thanks for everything.

Amanda, Renee, and Joelle- We have been through alot. And
we have grown apart, but hiopfully next year we will all
get back to normal agian. I love yall so much. Thanks for

Last But Not Least My Baby Austin. I don't know where I
would be without him. He's the best thing that has ever
happened to me. I know I can always go to him if I have
any problems. I love you so much baby. I hope we stay
together for a long time. I love you!!