My Diary
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2003-12-25 23:38:46 (UTC)


This Christmas was okay. This morning I woke up and opened
my presents. Then Reid, Ryan, Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Linda
came over here to see what all me, Paisley, Kaci, and Matt
(My sisters boyfriend) got from Santa. I got alot of
stuff, to much to name right now. Then after they left we
all started getting ready to go eat and open presents at
my cousins house. So we went there and ate and opened
presents. I got more money there :-d. Then I came home and
me and Quinn (my cousin) went to his house so he could
show me his new stereo. Now I'm home and writting this.

I have no clue what I'm doing tom. Hopefully something
more fun then what I've been doing the last 6 days.

Kelsie Ann Broussard