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2003-12-25 12:18:53 (UTC)

Dec. 25, 2003, 8 pm - Christmas Day

it's christmas day! merry christmas, people! hohoho!
here i am. alone with my computer. then, out of a sudden i
thought of creating my very first personal online diary.
why didn't i think of that long before? actually, i did
several times but my schedule won't allow it. not that i'm
very busy. yeah right! i'm a software engineer in a
japanese architectural firm. you know how japanese are! not
that i'm discrimating them. but they are workaholic! it's a
fact. they tend to influence us, filipinos. but, to no
avail! filipinos, they can mix business with pleasure. they
can play at work. their motto is, "all work no play makes
john a dull boy". is that right? whatever! i don't know if
that helps us in anyway but all i can say is that wherever,
whatever and however tragic or chaotic a situation is, a
filipino will always stand out strong, because we're tried
and tested. we can weather every storms that come along our
way. i don't know why, maybe because we're "sanay na"
or "batak na", in english? "used to". maybe because our
being humorous and funny people helps us to overcome 'em
all. true! laughter is the best medicine. forgive me if i'm
being a die-hard-filipino-fan-nationalist again. i can't
help it.
anyway, am a little bit sentimental and pensive today. i
don't know if the season makes me one. i just had a chat
with my father. yep, he's based on california. we really
miss him a lot, me and my mother and brother. i've never
seen him for the past eleven years of my life here on
earth. i don't know when are we going to see him again.
anyway, why we separated is another long story. i'll
continue in another page..if you call it. thanks.

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