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2003-12-25 10:22:58 (UTC)


so i believe i am really falling in love with him., i dont
want a body to be here right now, i want him. i want little
goofy him. i sometimes have interest in other guys, i
sometimes think i should be lookin around, sometimes i am ,
lookin around. this would obviously be different if there
were another potential guy in the picture, but there isnt.
as subsequently as each day goes by i just keep fallin
harder, each time he responds so calmly and lovingly to my
insanities, i just fall harder, each time he tells me he
wants to hear the truth., i fall harder, harder still cause
i believe him and realistically speaking i am supposed to
be damaged goods, but i still went about trusting as easily
as i ever had...
ah dunno what the fuck