Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-12-25 07:58:24 (UTC)


Well, it be 1:35 am in the morning now, and all of our kids
are still up. We can't seem to get them in bed, without
having to hear an altercation.

Went to mass earlier this evening, and it just started to
really feel like christmas, but it soon drained away as the
hour waned into the night. Christmas is about giving,
about sharing, about loving. Sadly, I had nothing to give
this holiday, nothing to share, and really, not even enough
compassion to show any love. I am almost sick of our
capitalist society, where everything you ever wanted has a
price tag. I am glad that they don't charge you at the
door for church, or ask you to deposit 50 cents to hear the
next reading. I am glad that Christmas is finally here, so
I don't have to watch all the ads on tv, or see all the
pretty Christmassy lights on everyone's doorsteps. Sure,
it's a special time of the year. But does everyone really
know what it's all about? Comparing this year's with last,
I think that I may just have too much going on in my mind
to really let go and just be in the 'spirit'. But
whatever, it's cold, stark, barren, and almost completely
lifeless (or maybe that just describes me? lol....)
Whatever the case, Christmas is finally here, Merry
Christmas to all, Happy Birthday Jesus, and may the world
accept peace for a change (yeah, right.....)