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2003-12-25 06:10:29 (UTC)

merry fluckin x-mas

well shit... i havent been here in a while... its
officially x-mas.

nice way 2 start this shit ridden holiday (by reading this)
my past... ick. it sucked.

but it did make me realize how lucky i am to have a real
guy now... a great guy.

so far ive gotten some great gifts... specially from my
wonderful boyfriend *who btw... told me 4 the 1st time last
year on x-mas eve... that he loved me* aww... yea.

i wonder if that was rushing it? i mean we 'fell in love'
with each other a month and a half after we started dating.
eh couldnt have been 2 terrible cuz a year later and
lookie... LOVE!

real love none of that fake high school bullshit! were
engaged. im so happy =D

anyways yea ive been keeping my cantbeperfect diary EACH
DAY for the past... what? almost 4 months... 400 grand
entries that draw people in like a tractor beam. i have 83
pages of comments. hell yes!

i also have a secret xanga... shhh

anyways back 2 the presents... each day bryan suprised me
with another one...

a SUM 41 poster...
my fave candy: M&M's
my favorite bands cd: A Perfect Circle (the thirteenth step)
a vans belt (2 adorable)--i tried to steal his belt woohoo
a bunch of movies... joe dirt was even in there! hell yep!
and by just spending x-mas eve with me... it made my day

i feel bad... i got him kiss kiss bears. but hell HE LOVED

i also got random shit from friends and cards out the
asshole lol.

but yea... i doubt the people who used to read this are
even at the site anymore... and i accidently somehow pissed
off jenna tonight by sending her the link 2 this thing...
so all signs point to DELETE IT!

lol, the past was gay, and worthless... a very worthless
waste of my time indeed. -all nod- lol

happy christmas.


mood: hip hip hoooray.
music: the nurse who loved me- a perfect circle

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