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2003-12-25 04:14:21 (UTC)


yeah. whatever. im so weird the last couple days.

we had some christmas with matt and some of ours tonight.
he liked his stuf a lot, i really get more of a kick out of
giving shit to people then getting stuf. but he got me
some cool stuf, the cd/dvds i wanted and cute belly rings a
star and a pink flower and the belt i wanted and a really
cool sushi set. and a stuffed thing and a toy for my
puppy. it was nice. and i got a purple wireless keyboard
and more dvds and books and perfume and stuf from my
parents. my mom still likes to pretend like santa comes so
we save stuf for the morning. haha. it was nice but im
fucking weird right now. crab apples or something. and
walmart is fucking closed. i wanted to go there tonight
and that really pissed me off. and my fish wasnt cooked at
bahama breeze and that blew nuts. but im leaving tomorrow
yay yay yay. uh huh. i think its time to go to bed. i
miss my girl. i really wish she could just come sleep with
me. i hate this. but. when i come back, it will be the
beginning of my last year here..

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