Jordie Bee
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2003-12-24 19:34:21 (UTC)

Twas the night???

Dear Diary,
What does "Twas the night" mean anyways? I have no idea...
But I guess it isen't much different than "The night befor"
or somethin like that. I'm still in Texas. And we'll be
here for a while. I have 3 cousins here with me too.. Zake
(it is pernounced Zack), Kaylee, and Hannah. Zake and
Kaylee are sister and brothers, and the daughter & son of
Mellissa Demingues... (However you spell it) And no she's
not spanish. There perents are devorced. Hannah is the
daughter of Nikki and Randy Nichols. They also have a son
named Hunter. HE IS SOOOO CUTE!! (So is Hannah) Ok back to
what I was saying. My perents are coming today. There
suppose to bring our christmas presents! YEY! lol.. Well I
guess that's all. And yeah.. I'm still in love..:)

Jordie Bee--*

Look what I can do!

_( )_
_/ _ lol.. Don't ask me what it is...

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