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2003-12-24 17:35:47 (UTC)


this year christmas crept up on me. it was like i turned
around after thanksgiving and it was here. not that im
complaining but its kinda a shock. my house is always
decorated with christams lights.....or the start of what
my dads done outside and in the day after thanksgiving.
always has and prolly always will. my dad has to be the
best lit house in the neighborhood. if he sees a house
with more lights then his then he goes out and buys more
lights....but to save money he only puts a few of them on
until christmas eve and christmas night. then he lights up
everything. he has reindeer on the roof...eight and a
ninth one in front with a red nose... hes got santa in the
sleigh the reindeer are pulling...we have candy canes in
our yard...2 christmas trees made of green
and one multicolored...hes got angels singing...hes got an
archway for the door...hes got a ton of iceicle lights
hanging from the roof....hes got ordements like glass
balls and such haging from the roof...he even has lights
around the oasis this year! (side note: my dad built an
oasiss...ya kno cactus, aloe, palm trees and lots of
sand...just making sure your on the same page as me.) hes
just an all around nut at christmas....then again the
house aint to different. we have lights hung around the
tv...and lights on the christmas tree. my mum and me have
all of our ordements on the tree. we have the 'babys 1st
christmas'...and my mom and dads '1st christmas together
1995'....we have all of the 'hallmark barbie collection'
on our tree...we have disney stuff...a ton of disney
stuff...but not as much as we used to b.c we gave 2 boxes
of them to my grandma when we moved (another side note: in
ny me and my mum lived with my grandparents...we lived
there from the time b4 i could remember until i was 13.
thats a long time.) my mum normally bakes christmas
goodies. she would bake biscotti, brownies, cookies like
chocolate chip and penut butter, shed bake a whole ton of
stuff for family and friends and neighbors each christmas.
shed normally start at the begining of december...about
the same time my dad would start decorating the outside of
the house. we used to even make little christmas baskets
of goodies for my teachers. i was soooo loved in
elementary and part of middle school because i was so
sweet around christmas. my room is even decorated. i have
christmas beads all over my room and i have my little 3
foot tree on my nightstand. see its a tradition in my
family...that was started back when my mum and aunt were
little kids...that a 'little christmas tree' is put into
the childs room so that when they wake up they have some
presents there to open before waking the parents....or in
ny it was b4 i could go downstairs to the big tree. i used
to be a weird kid christmas morning. i would be the one
handing out the presents because im the only one who could
get to them many times...and i wouldnt open one of my
presents until my mum, grandpa and grandma had all opened
a gift. weird i kno. and i used to be semi calm on excited but not you get what
im saying? its weird. we used to tape christmas every
year.....i think my dad might be planning on taping this
year...goody. ever since we got to florida my brother
Jason would spend christmas up north with his mum and
family. so for those 2 years hes been gone christmas
morning has been a relaxing thing. me and my mum and dad
all get up. my mum makes coffee and breakfast (last year
it was eggs and bacon....mmmmmmm) and then we'd sit down
around the tree and open presents. this year might be a
little different because my brother isnt going to ny for
christmas. hes here. which means hes prolly not gonna want
to eat first but hes gonna want to open presents first.
but it will be interesting this year....i can say that.
Jason and my dad always have smartass comments about
everything. and i mean everything. so it will definately
be an intesting christmas day. only thing is because my
aunt, uncle and cousins are in virginia....and because of
my grandpas current situation were not going to be having
christmas dinner. normally wed have christmas eve dinner
over at my grandparents house where we would exchange
gifts between my aunts family, my family and my
grandparents....just the stuff for or from them...the rest
is on christmas day...we did this because my aunts family
would be getting up early christmas morning...opening
presents and driving to virginia to have christmas there
with my uncles family too. my cousins and my uncle have
been known to wake up at 3 am wanting to open
presents....woken my aunt...them all getting up and
opening presents and then my aunt and uncle going back to
bed while the kids played quietly in their rooms... my
cousins would sleep in the car on the way to virginia. but
like i said...this christmas is all messed up. we wont be
having gifts on christmas eve...we wont be seeing my aunt,
uncle, cousins, and grandparents. we'll talk to them im
sure but we wont get to see them till almost new years.
thats how christmas is kinda messed up. i'll still be
getting presents into the new year. thats not exactly a
bad thing...just differnt. it will still be christmas
though. one thing ive that family and super
close friends means more at christmas then the presents
themselves. Cody, Paige, Malyssa and Heather are the most
important people besides my family in my life. they are
what makes christmas special. its not all of the clothes
or toys or cds or movies or games that you get for
christmas....its the love that is put into it. this year i
didnt really have a lot of money to buy my cousins gifts
for christmas. i sat my little 8 year old cousing on my
lap and i said "Joshy i dont have a lot of money for
christmas presents this year. would it be ok if instead of
getting you some expensive present if i made you something
instead?" and he just replied "it doesnt matter to me
Nikki. anything from you would be great" and he gave me a
really big hug. that will stick in my mind for years to
come. it showed me that if a little 8 year old can be
content with something homemade then anyone could. Joshy-
boy (thats his nickname) showed me that christmas isnt
about possessions its about the love you put into the
idea. my cousin showed that to everyone. one time he
wanted to bring in cookies to class.....and they were at
the bakery at publix and she said pick out the cookies he
wanted and he told her that those cookies werent good
enough. when she asked y he just said "because these
cookies arent made with love. i want to bring in your
cookies because you make them with love." my aunt was just
so amazed that he said that. in the end she did make him
cookies with love baked in. lol.
Merry christmas to all who read this.


"god bless everyone"