Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-12-24 16:40:57 (UTC)

Christmas Eve

Well, it's Christmas Eve, and my husband's gone. I put him
on a plane this morning to Pennsylvania to see his family.
I know that he will be back in just a little less than 2
and a half days, I still wish he was here. Here we are, in
our new home for our first Christmas here, and he's not
here with us.
My son is with his Dad, I'll get him back tonight, and I am
preparing to have my family out here tomorrow. I'm nervous
and yet excited. I have Chex Mix in the oven right now,
and have lots more to cook (food, banana bread, pumpkin
bread, pecan pies, cookies, etc.). I am waiting for the
maintenance guy to get here to fix a couple of minor things
in our house before all of our company hits tomorrow.
I can't stay here long, because I do have so much to do.
The more I type, the more I realize I need to do, so I
guess I better run. Yesterday I did so much around the
house and such, I had to go to bed last night because of
back pain. Today it is better, I'll probably have to work
until the same point today. So, off we go!