Ma Monde
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2003-12-24 14:21:06 (UTC)

An Xmas Eve Morning

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE JOURNAL! LOL, look at me---all silly
and talking to my journal! WELl, I woke up this morning
all sad and such! :-/ It dawned on me that everything good
is about to be gone. At the beginning of the year I was so
happy to graduate because I was tired of the same things
happening over and over, same people, same stories. But
now that I've made new friends it's so sad to leave them!!
I think it was the dream I had, but it made me realize
that I shall cherish these next 8 months because then I go
to College and my only resource is the computer and
weekend visits! Bah~~I'll miss you guys (Jake, Eric,
Cliff, Charles, Destini!!) To my new group of
friends! ::cheers::