Ma Monde
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2003-12-24 07:41:23 (UTC)

A State of Oblivion

Written last year during all that SHIT! More on that later
as well...


Why must I conquer the world with its witty ways?
My hands are tied tightly behind my back, and the air I
breathe is closed off.
I am barracated in a state of mind.
Barracated in a dark and lonely place.
The world laughs as it taunts me--
as it tortures me.
Wanting me to give in...
But no, I am strong
I AM an individual
I want to find the door that would unleash me--free me
Forget the cares of the world,
Forget that I am forgotten
and life would run the way it should be...
The only choice is the only way
which does not exist within my grasp, nor yours.