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2003-12-24 07:11:35 (UTC)

The Story of Joanna Brewer

OH jesus! I hope no one finds out about this....except
those select few who read this! LOL----ok, well Dan had
recieved this letter over the summer that was sent to the
wrong adress. It was to a woman one street over about this
organization meeting (Beautiful Impressions!). JoAnna
Brewer was like a main seller, main recruitor and
everything. So we sent all these emails on a fake email
account to the Director of the club and it was sooo bad. I
got emails from the police wanting me to call them and
everything. Because they were considered
harassment...well, I'll copy and paste the emails....and
yes they can be considered threatening! WHOOOPS! ::goes to
[email protected]'s email....::

Email 1 (9/05/03): Hey Susan,
It's JoAnna. This is my new email account because I lost
the password to my old one. I'm sorry, I haven't had a
chance to call you but I need to let you know that Jessica
Browning, Avery Gaines, Cindy Keith, Keya Reed, and Huda
Blair, along with myself will not be able to attend the
meeting on Sept 14. First reason, we've all decided to go
vegetarian. And with all that yummy yummy sausage and
bacon (although it may not really be meat) would just
taunt us. Even the Ham for God's sake. And with giving up
one thing, I've taken up something else. My daughter is
coming into town and we are going to have a party. Mainly
consisting of booze and pot and dirty little boys. Since
she's bringing her 6 year old little girl, I thought it'd
be nice to hire a stripper! His stage name is Paula Abdul,
I think he's a drag queen...I'm excited. I hope you enjoy
the meeting while I'm getting shit-faced and high. Tell
the girls I said hello, and email me back soon. Let's make
this our little secret, and if you mention anything to me--
-I'll just act like you're crazy. If I change my mind and
go to the meeting, it probably means that I'm still in
love with Linda Salters...and yes I will leave my husband
for that woman. Shhh....
Love ya lots, write back soon . ASAP

P.S. Don't try calling...I've hired a man every night this
week---probably won't change for a the
See you around....lets do lunch, I'll call you this

Email 2 (9/08/03):

I am soooo sorry. I went into my mailbox folder and was
apalled by the letter I sent you. I was soo drunk off my
ass the other day and must have not realized what I was
doing, except the whole party thing was true. I am soo
ashamed of myself, and I swear to god if you tell anyone
I'll shoot you-- Anyway! Can't wait for the'll be the blast. And remember Shhh!! I'll
shoot you.


P.S. We rescheduled the party. So I'll probably show up
stoned, or aroused by dirty little boys. We decided to get
together before the meeting. If you want some dope, let me
know and I'll bring you a joint at the meeting....Shhh---
bang bang.

This is after the meeting date that we knew of

Email 3 (9/18/03):
Okay Bitch,
Why did you treat me like you did at the meeting? I saw
the way you kept looking at me. Well I didn't appreciate
it. I don't want to go to any of the GOD DAMN MEETINGS!
Fuck Tulsa! Fuck Kansas City! Fuck you WHORE-BITCH! I
understand the vocabulary that my daughter uses now, and I
believe you fit into all those categories nigga! AHHHHH
FUCK FUCK FUCK YOOOOOUUUUUU! ...hey that could be a song,
it could be titled "Susan has a stick up her ass because
she's a snot faced selfish mother fucker!"


P.S. Just in case you didn't catch on, I hate you. ::bang
bang:: I'll shoot you. ;)

hahaha....ummm, I did not write all of those, I helped. :D
But yes it's bad....but I'm different now, tired of
playing the bad kid. Time to grow up and mature, and get
out of legal matters!'s still funny though.