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2003-12-24 06:56:11 (UTC)

Tonight Tonight

Music Choice: Appleseed Cast
Emotion: Silly

Bonjour once again. Tonight was fun, I suppose. I went to
my boss's party and they were so nice. Terry's house is
beautiful and her family is great! They gave me a book, a
coffee mug and a bottle of wine! LOL! Afterward we went to
to Midland Bowl to see Jake and Eric and Charles. But they
were leaving so we didn't get to say much. But it was fun
however. I'm talking to Jake right now, debating on
whether or not he can have access to this.....ummmmm, I
think I may let him----so if you're reading this JAke,
HELLOOOOOO! :D Oh, I think I've decided to go Barn
swinging. IT is my last year, and plus I'd much rather
have permanent memories, than temporary money. I'm not a
materialistic person! I have priorities! Plus, I
think Dan is going to babysit instead. So he can be
selfish, and have fun by himself, and you know what they
say. You spend New Year's Eve like you spend the rest of
the year. And hopefully that can be a sign, that things
will begin to separate. And maybe we can go our own ways,
yet still be great friends, and ditch the "Brittany and
Dan" name!!!! LOL .....okay---Goodnight for now! CHRISTMAS
EVE IS TOMORROW! Merry Christmas!