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2003-12-24 06:15:31 (UTC)

Jake's story pour moi...

Hwyq: I suppose I will write you a nice little story.
Hwyq: Once upon a time there lived a rabbit named
Brittany. She was a popular rabbit with the Easter
bunnies. Everyone loved her so! While walking on a dirt
road one day, a cow from a magical abyss appeared in front
of her. The cow was her friend Don. Brittany and Don
decided to walk pointlessly for several hours before
meeting up with Jacob the sparrow. Jacob flew in circles
around Brittany and Don until he got tired and decided to
walk with them. Walking walking walking, they
occasionally stopped
Hwyq: to talk talk talk.
Hwyq: Soon, they discovered a parasite. The parasite
found a host on Don's ear. This parasite was named Eric.
Don became angry with the tiny creature on his ear and
destroyed him with the harsh sound of a loud "MOOOO!"
Hwyq: Jacob and Brittany decided to run away together and
leave Don sitting alone in a field.
Hwyq: Don soon met up with Brittany twelve years later,
and they were married.
Hwyq: Jacob later became homeless and was sent to an
Hwyq: THE END.
CielDeVanille04: I WILL NOT MARRY DAN!!!
Hwyq: This isn't about's about Don, silly girl.
Hwyq: But it will work out.
Hwyq: You can adopt me
CielDeVanille04: lol...I know who you were referring to.
Hwyq: and we'll have an affair
Hwyq: ;D
CielDeVanille04: ! haha, okay !
CielDeVanille04: Alrightly, sounds fun! And sneaky.