My Diary
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2003-12-24 03:42:22 (UTC)

GREAT DAY.....:-

Oh was going great until; I got in this huge
fight with Austin. Luckly I have friends that care. I
finally got finished with that and we stopped fighting.
About two hours later my sister came back from the store
with me TWO fishes. They are so cute. There names are
Tweety and Sweety (she named them). They have their own
house and everything. Then my nanny finnaly got here at
7:00 when she was suposed to get here at 5:00. You can
never count on her. I got a $50 gift certificate to the
mall. Now I'm on the computer listening to my sister and
her boyfriend fight and make-up and fight some more and
male-up. Its horrible. I hope my day tom is 20 times
better then the one today because today was miserable.

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Austin I love you

Stephanie and Regan I love yall!!

Renee you too!!

Alycia too!!

and Joseph Adrian Marie and Beau Elizebeth!