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2003-12-24 02:32:48 (UTC)

Wise Decision

I wisely stayed home today while John, braving the traffic
and desperate last minute Christmas shoppers (and he was one
of those as well!) went into Eugene to do errands and yes,
shopping. He told me it was a good day to be patient.
Patience was needed in the parking lots while waiting for
drivers who were waiting for other drivers to leave their
parking spaces so they could take them. Patience in lanes
of traffic slowed to a crawl. Patience in lines at
check-out counters where other folk, some patient and others
frazzled, waited to pay for their gifts and groceries and

He seemed cheery the few times he phoned me on his cell
phone and arrived home just in time for dinner.

I'm leaving for choir practice soon and when I return John
and I will have tea and Christmas cookies and watch an
episode or two of Jeeves and Wooster on DVD before turning
in for the night.