My Diary
2003-12-23 21:36:30 (UTC)


Today I was bored off my mind. I'm really sick and my mom
doesn't want to make me a doctors appointment. I've been
really tired and bitch today. Yesterday I went visit
Samantha att Mrs Donna's house. I talked to Joseph Michael
on the phone while Samantha was getting dressed all
because she didn't want to hang up with him. Then they all
left to go pick up Joseph and go eat out for Sams
birthday. I came home and went to the LSU game with Jordan
and Quinn. I saw a bunch of people from school there only
because Mrs. Patty got us all free tickets. After that I
came home and talked to Austin and Linsay. Lindsay is
great and I know I can trust her. Then today I've been
sitting around and doing absolutly nothing but listen to
my sister and her boyfriend fight. Tonight my nanny is
comming to my house to give me my christmas presents! Then
I'm going to sleep so I can actually be in a good mood
tom. I'll write back later.

The Wonderful Kelsie Ann Broussard

I love Austin!

By The Way!! The Wonderful Alex Helped Me Do This :-d