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2003-12-23 20:39:54 (UTC)

A Surprise!

We went to Albany today to do some banking and to do a
little shopping at Costco but mainly so that Jack and I
could get in our passport applications. Oh, we aren't going
any where! Jack needs one for identification and his job
may require foreign travel so it made sense to get him one
now. And I wanted one because my Certificate of
Naturalization is the only proof I have that I'm an American
citizen so I wanted something else as a backup.

Imagine my surprise, however, when I realized that my
Certificate was going to be mailed to the State Department
along with my application! The clerk could see my distress
and offered to make me a copy and added that he had never
known them to lose documents. And I thought.... yes, but
it's Christmas time and things are a little chaotic right
now and who knows, maybe I'll have the distinction of being
the first one to have their document lost! I was told to
expect the passport and my Certificate in the mail in about
six weeks. Yes, I'll be watching the mail for those!