things running through my mind.
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2003-12-23 17:42:16 (UTC)

ya.. ok i was just readin past..

ya.. ok i was just readin past journals and thinking how
much things have changed.
Ricky- i defintely think hes ad big jackass and i really
dont want to talk to him i think he is funny still but,
when i heard him go up to kevina dn tell him he just had
fucked his girlfriend.. ya i didnt respect that at all.
Also we se to be friends and now when kevin is on the phone
with me he just complains lie the other day he kept just
sayin how he wanted to leave to go to work.. and how he
needs to get off the phone what a dick.. i f'n hate him.

my dad i just wanna kill rihgt now seriusly i come from
brandys who her adn adn her mom are soo close adn they are
sooo cute adn i get home adn i just wanna die. I wanna just
go adn shoot him he drives me nuts and no i am not gunna
help out around the house if he keeps treatin me like that
im gunna just sit here adn tlk online and do all the other
stuff he hates me doin he really doesnt want me to have a
life he wants me to just sit at home adn clean up his mess
i dontkno why i dontkno what i idd to him.. but i guess he
just hates me... and i dontkno why he acts like he cares. I
dont kno how to evn type out what i feel at times. Cuz
seriously when i tryin to think about how i feel later i
dont kno how i felt i dont understnad why i got soo
annoyed. Then it happens again and i understand all of a

Neways..... ya thats my life tryin to get away from my own
home cuz i hate living her cuz i just get put in the middle
of the problems. then i cause all the problems tooo .. soo
really its just me.. all my fault. Ya... well no one
understand unless u 've been though it.. and i dont even
understand until im goin thought it.