Jordie Bee
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2003-12-23 15:48:22 (UTC)

Thank God!--Really h....

Dear Diary,
I'm still wondering what to do..
but thank God for friends like Rachel! OMG! camron! He is
so h.. (You don't know what that means?? GOOD!)He sais he
loves me. Gosh thanks a lot! That makes it a lot
better!........ I really just want to have two b/f's.....
Why can't I.... no I can't do that to Camron.
I love him. And he loves me too....Well I guess I could
just say I'm in love w/ boath and I can't decide who to
choose..Lol... But I can't. I'd end up hirting one of
them...Not to mention myself. Well I guess that's all...

Jordie Bee--*

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