Ramblings of a Mom
2003-12-23 14:07:51 (UTC)

Been a long time..

It's been a long time since I have written in here. It's
been hard to find time with all that has been going on.
It's almost Christmas and I still have tons to do!!! We've
had to make an 'urgent' appointment with the doctor because
I had had 3 sleepless nights over heartburn and
indigestion. He put me on Prevacid and said that if it
continues, he's not adverse to the idea of 'helping' me to
have the baby a little bit early. When my husband asked
what are the guarantees of us not having the baby so that
he could go to Pennsylvania, the doctor told him that he
can't make any guarantees, but that he sees that there is a
95% chance that nothing will happen while he is gone, so go
ahead and go.
My husband has been so funny lately! First he was out of
work because of his back, then he got a stomach virus
shortly after going back to work full activity, and was
laid up with it for awhile. My family has all made it in
from Oklahoma, Oregon, California, and I have been trying
to spend time with them, and instead, I find my husband
worrying about things. Like when I spent the day with them
Saturday and he was home sick, he was hurt that I wasn't
here with him or worrying over him. Then last night we
were supposed to take my son to go see Christmas lights,
ended up not going, because he was having too much fun with
the family, and we didn't get home until close to 10 pm.
My husband was all kind of upset about my son being up
until 10 o'clock at night and us not being home earlier so
that he could go to bed! My how he is changing lately! He
is starting to remind me more and more of my Dad and how he
is with my Mom. They don't want us to take care of them
(although they ALWAYS take care of us), but yet they worry
themselves silly when we are away from them!
Well, I have a whole list of things to do today, and not a
lot of time to do it in. Especially considering that I am
being watched so that I don't overdo it, so close to our
due date. It's less than 4 weeks away now! It's starting
to be very real. My son is asking more and more questions,
like how do they get the baby out of my tummy, that he
doesn't want to see the blood, how do they fix Mommy's
tummy? Etc., etc., etc. It's leading me down a path with
my son that I never pictured being on. Well, I better
run! Later!