would the world stop spinning
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2003-12-23 10:12:58 (UTC)

you give me a heart like a gun

i wanna change something about my statement from 5/28
you should most definatly watch where your walking.. not
searching for love,but at least watch where you are going,
there is a chance that you could fall and break something.
might i add at this point that it's alot more painful than
a knee scrape,so watch out for hole and ice or whatever you
could really fall hard on. i forgot to mention all this,
because of course you aren't going to be expecting that
kinda thing to happen,esp when your tring not to fall at
all. i'm thinking of pressing charges,i think that in my
case it was more of a tackle.i was tackled on a late summer the rain,i'm night
so it's my falt too i suppose,i sorta made sure my attacker
was brought down with me.
ha... i wish my words could come out exactly how they feel
to me,they would be breath taking.

on that note....i think i'm going to start trying to date
again, i was told a while ago to do so,but seeing as how
i'm still in love with her it made me sick to think
about,and seeing as i really don't want to now,i'm hoping
maybe if i go on one the feeling will change...i havn't
been asked on any and i have no one in mind,as of yet,i'm
hoping to meet someone or something...maybe i'll buy a

just in case YOU were wondering,i HATE this!

anyway, did some ex-mas shopping,lol..i got caela's gift.
i swear on my life if anyone else got her what i got i'm
going to be sooo MAD,lol(i need to go to sleep right now,
i'm running on none and not tired,very slap happy tho!)
anyway, it hit me exactly what i wanted to get her,and i
knew that she'd love it...i have this horrid feeling that
someone else will get it and then i'll be ruined. i got her
two things really,but they kinda go together,one is lil and
funny,but the other one is the good one. :o) im excited..i
want her to have it now so that i can see her open it.
she will smile and that will make me more than happy.
ha,i never stoped to think she really might not like it...
no she'll love it!
hmm... so i'd had plans while we were together to get her a
ticket to go with me to see nikki,not that she would have
let me had she known,but it's her bday to and i wanted to
take a day or two and go to irland,seeing as she's irish
and it's like st.pattys day,it woulda been a blast.

i'll get an email or something,"good thing you didn't do
that". lol.
i really am in very good mood...and,im not even drunk.

i havn't shopped for anyone else yet,i havn't seen things
that have wowed me,maybe i wont shop for anyone else.
i'm not tired..i'm sure more will some from me later.