A day in the life....
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2003-12-23 06:06:50 (UTC)

Christmastime Is Here

Time for Joy and Cheer :o) Well, my many days of Christmas
has begun...well it did last week when my first gift was
the END Of The SEMESTER!!! That was a very happy thought.
Last night we had the family Christmas, and tonight was at
gramma v's house. tomorrow we journey onward to Brian's
family. Gramma J's and Gramma Sanders' are Wed., Gramma W's
is Thursday as is Sanders' family in the morning, and then
we go to Uncle Wayne's Friday. But i am happy...i get to
possibly spend a total of 15/16 days with Brian. It's
Lovely! He's on the couch reading still, or sleeping. But
I'm just thankful he's here with me. I must sleep, God
bless you and and MERRY CHRISTmas!!!