C'est moi and I'm not french
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2003-12-23 05:41:31 (UTC)

Chapter 6 of my blank life

So here goes another day another saga. Me and mes amis
exchanged gifts... it was tres cool. I got a hermit crab! i
named him hector hermes hermit (aint that clever)... I'm
going to grand junction tommorrow... fun fun... i like it
well enough its just that its so boring... there is nothing
to do and my cousins aree all male and the next oldest girl
cousin is my sisters age... not fun... so i have to listen
to my tight ass cousin josh tlak about how perfect he is...
e never does anything wrong i swear... its sad and
pathetic... i mean come on you gotta live alittle... i got
a cd, headphones kick ass slippers and such from my best
friend keri... she understnads me unlike deannah who is
obsessed with her "love of her life" bull shit... no such
thing as love...
i wish somethign exciting would happen to me... anything at
all... i wish i lived in africa or somewhere besides the
suburbs... at least i have a car... all well thats my
boring life that no one cares about... tata tootles and all
that shit
ive been listening to jimmy eat world a lot lately... they
"and once i almost touched your hand"