The things you never knew?
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2003-12-23 04:05:22 (UTC)

another exciting day... not

I am starting to believe that I have the most uneventful
life. Although today I ventured away from the house. I
went to the Boys and Girls Club Christams Staff outing, it
was alright. We went to eat in Indy at Champs. Anyways,
who passes up free food? Not me. I then got to see
colleen which is wonderful since she is my little! WE had
good conversation and good food:) Yes, I ate again. Then
I went to help dad buy christmas gifts for mom. If I ever
marry someone as good as my dad I will think of myself as
the second luckiest woman in the world. My mom being the
first. Then I ate again:) Man it isn't even Christmas yet
and I am eating like a pig. Monday night is Grandmas
night that she cooks, and man was it super good. I passed
on the dessert. Then I did nothing and watched some good
ole TV, which is becoming my new best friend, because no
one calls. I wonder if it is my fault that I have lost
contact with a huge majority of my high school friends.
It is sad how things change even though I find it
neccesairy it is just hard to realize that I am getting
old. My love handles are forming (mom informed me that I
need to exercise) nice way of putting that I am getting to
fat and before I know my hair will be gray and I wont only
have dark circles under my eyes but God forbid I will get
wrinkles. Then I used three bags of bows to decorate the
presents under the tree. Ok! Lets have a vote right
here... who is the biggest loser you know! Oh I got one
vote for Kara. that is ok that my life is boring though
because I got a life and wonderful people to share it

Well I have tried to be somewhat productive over break but
the only things I have manage to do is clean my room!
Didn't last very long but atleast I dusted, and I looked
at grad schools. Yea. more schooling!

I think my words of wisdom for myself tonight is to do one
thing everyday out of routine. For example... get ready
then get dressed or brush your teeth then put my contacts
in. Just random stuff. Life is no fun if you follow the
same thing every day. Live to enjoy not to live.