lyssa's Diary!
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2003-12-23 01:23:36 (UTC)

dont know what to do or feel...

i dont know what to call today. kind of odd. aj left today
for washington and not sure how im going to handle it.
lyndzy and i talked for about an hour and im excited sense
shes commin home to visit tomorrow! (shes like my best
friend). wedecided were gonna go hit the parties together
and friday night prolly go to Dakotas. (a club) she was
tryento give me ideas on how i should talk to AJ. im not
sure if i want to . im so scared of him. well what hes
gonna say to hurt me. maybe i should just call him in the
morning so hedoesnt yell.. or maybe i should just go to his
house and drop off a letter and christmas card? ahh i dont
know ne more. i should just call my cousin and ask her to
take me .. i dont know ne more im so scared... if u have ne
ideas post them on the thingy that says reply to me!! lol..
i dont want him back, i want all of u guys to realize that.
i just want my closure and this is my way of getten it!
neways melissa told me to call her so im gonna go