Ma Monde
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2003-12-23 00:12:04 (UTC)

It's been a while

Wow! What to say, what to say? It's been some time....well
3 days. But time flys when you're a busy girl. Ok....well
the party was postponed from Saturday to Sunday afternoon.
Kudos! It was really fun, surprisingly. Everyone showed
up, except a select few, which, maybe was better that way.
Back to that later. I babysat Saturday night with Dan.
Awesome babysitting job. They have a nice house, get to
babysit with my best friend, kids are OK, and they pay
hella good. In fact, if we babysit for them New Years Eve--
--$100! HELL YES! So, I think Barnswinging can WAIT! Til
ummm....well this is like my last chance. Oh well....shed
a tear or two, and I'll be over it. (If eveb that) But,
they had the cutest little girl names Hilary. She's two.
Well she crapped her diaper, and it came out of the side!
(Yes I know....disgusting) and since I had to watch her at
the time....I had to change her diaper! She ended up
stepping in it when she took the diaper off and I told her
to lay down.....she sat down, with crap oh her ass (on
their tile floor) and I was like, no no no! Get away from
it, so she scooted across the floor! ROFL! IT was
histerical. OH and if this is not the sweetest thing! I
took Jake home after the party and he asked if I was aware
of how much people like me because "I'm so sweet." I was
like Awwe. I would have stopped the car then and hugged
him, but I don't know him THAT yes, it would
have been awkward. I really think he's a cool friend, but
I don't want him to think I'm a freak! But yes! We are
talking about Ice
Skating if I'm off any day during break. Maybe it's about
time to quit my job, if I babysit once a week....that's
like 20 bucks. Hey....maybe only having that much a week
may not be so bad after all. :D Well....going off now, I
may watch Edward Scissorhands. Johhny Depp is great! BTW:
Can't wait for Tim Burton's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate
Factory! ::Squeels:: Yes, like a pig. haha Cya next time.