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2003-12-22 22:53:49 (UTC)

condoms 2

hmm intresting convo that amuses me:::

xhelloximxdeadx: fuckity fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck look
at frosty go...
matt piatak: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: i was siging that in study hall today
matt piatak: where
xhelloximxdeadx: period C
xhelloximxdeadx: cafeteria
matt piatak: lol
matt piatak: orgy
xhelloximxdeadx: orgy?
matt piatak: you have to stop partisapating in them
xhelloximxdeadx: why they are so fun
matt piatak: you might get STDs
xhelloximxdeadx: hahha lol
matt piatak: and that porn statsh in your history book
xhelloximxdeadx: oh yeah
matt piatak: you droped some of it
xhelloximxdeadx: oops!
matt piatak: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: you know what u shouldnt tell me about
STD's when ur fucking a cheerleader and im the virgin....
matt piatak: lol a virgin cheerleader
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah
matt piatak: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: wow
matt piatak: had protection
xhelloximxdeadx: oh good
matt piatak: remember i told you
xhelloximxdeadx: where di u ever find condoms small enough?
xhelloximxdeadx: JK
matt piatak: that hurts and you just go to stop and shop
matt piatak: they have them
xhelloximxdeadx: no shit i know where to get condoms
matt piatak: ooo
matt piatak: but y would you kno thata your a virgin
xhelloximxdeadx: :-! not that it means anything
matt piatak: are you lieing about being a virgin
xhelloximxdeadx: no
matt piatak: just checkin
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: IM A VIRGIN OH YEAH IM A
matt piatak: now that sounds sarcastic
xhelloximxdeadx: its not!
matt piatak: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
matt piatak: calm down
xhelloximxdeadx: OK!
matt piatak: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: lol
matt piatak: me bord
matt piatak: if you talk to jes today wish her a happy
xhelloximxdeadx: oh condoms condoms are good for you
condoms condoms help you not get STD's condoms condoms all
shapes and sizes condoms condoms i want one right now
xhelloximxdeadx: no i dont
xhelloximxdeadx: CONDOMS!
xhelloximxdeadx: wow.......................
xhelloximxdeadx: ========mental problems
matt piatak: sexual subpreste
xhelloximxdeadx: what?!
matt piatak: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
matt piatak: calm down i kno the truth hurts
xhelloximxdeadx: if you use condoms and you know it clap
you hands if you use condoms and you know it and you really
wanna show it if you waer condoms and you know it clap your
xhelloximxdeadx: thats mean
matt piatak: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah
matt piatak: i am only jokin with you
xhelloximxdeadx: i know
matt piatak: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: ok

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