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2003-12-22 22:08:04 (UTC)

my grandpa whoever reads this. well like i said in last
entry (earlier today) my grandpa has a broken ankle. last
thursday night he fell on it. my grandma called 911
and they went to the hospital. they were there till 3am.
then my grandma called my mum friday morning at like 6am
and told us. well his orthopedic doctors appointment was
today. they were there for like 3 hrs. the doctor told him
that it was fractured in 2 places and that he needs
surgery. he has to have a steel plate put into his ankle.
he has his physical tommorrow morning and if he passes
that then he'll be going into surgery friday. but he cant
drink anything from christmas night untill after the hes gonna be going up a wall. we didnt
think that it was this mum was kinda freaking 'oh my god'. well thats life. things happen for
a reason but sometimes we dont kno that reason. from what
i can see so far...the only reason why i think this would
happen is for him to get that physical. my grandpa hasnt
been to a doctor in like 40 years. thats a rilly long
time. so tommorrow we'll find out if hes ok or not.
hopefully he is.


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