2003-12-22 21:58:54 (UTC)

The Return... of the King...

Can't stay on long, since this computer has some type of
virus...AGAIN!!! Well, shouldn't worry too much, it will
come to amends eventually.
Went to Christmas party yesterday. Today I might do a Yule
celebration with Aileen. She lives far though, so I'm not
so sure. Might put up Christmas tree instead, read and make

Guess what I got. A huge hard bound book very picturesque,
and well detailed on the best 101 movies of all time. From
Liz, Anna, Eric, and Steph. I got a dragon from Kathy. (Yes
you heard me right, both Kathy and Steph were there.) Tim's
gift, most surprising. He got me a handbag in the shape of
a dominatrix corsette. Black Leather. I was like what?!?
The funnier thing is that it actually fits me. The funniest
though, was my parents reaction. They think it's cute, and
funny. This is because I got him the Sailor hat.

Saw The Return of the King just now. Though great it was,
it made me a little sad. I hate it when things end. Their
depressing. There isn't gonna be another hobbit movie. They
might make The Hobbit, which I doubt, but we will never
again look in on the lives of these creatures again. It
would be alright if this were just a whatever story that
eventually they all go home and nothing happens. But this
journey changed lives of all of them. Especiall Frodo for
the hobbits. Aragorn, way diffent. Arwen as well.

I would love to see some what of another sequal. I would
like to see someone make adventures of Gimli and Legolas.
They promised to visit each others homelands, so this would
be a great adventure to begin anew. Except if it ends like
this movie here. The Hobbit might end this way. If they
make it. If they do, I hope it doesn't.