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2003-12-22 21:30:24 (UTC)

I haven t been keeping up with..

I haven't been keeping up with this thing... i'm new at it!
anyway... i started working at the limited too and i like
it so far ( i said that about applebees too so we'll see).
i feel a lot better now that i am making money. it's been
pretty good around here lately...(b/c i haven't had time to
update so i guess i have a life?) we had our annual
neighborhood christmas progressive dinner.. it was way
fun...we watched finding nemo and everyone agreed that
melissa is just like dory! i'm just pissed that no part of
the whole dinner was at my house so we don't have any
leftovers...we do have christmas cookies though!! me and my
mom went crazy baking yesterday and as a result im feeling
more christmasy!! not too much else going on... i cant wait
for christmas to give everyone there stuff and see chloe
and eat a lot ( oh my inner fat girl... which soon will be
outer if i don't stop eating cookies!) this has been
rambly... i'm not good at this .. eh oh well!!

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