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2003-12-22 18:59:15 (UTC)

this is meh

this is meh...i live a messed up life right now. too mant
problems...too many fights...too much stupid sh*t in the
world. but thats all changing or at least all that apply
to me. thanks to someone rilly special. he knos who he is.
im 15 and my parents sometimes treat me as a little baby.
but guess thats what rents do. my mum is just like any
other mum. we fight sometimes....too often in my opinion.
my stepdad, Jim, is stubborn and if u catch him in a bad
mood he'll sound like a mean a$$hole....but he can be
sweet....he has his moments. then again all men do. my
step bro, Jason, is just like any other stepbrother. hes
just an average 17 yr gamer...he likes yu gi
oh (spelling?)....but whats weird 'bout him is he dont
have a licence...dont have a car...dont even got his
permit...and dont have a job. yea thats my brother. my
other stepbro, Gary, is just blah in my opinion. he got
signed outta school when he was 16 with the intent of
getting his GED. hes 20 now and still dont have his damn
GED. hes with this chick, Kelly, that nobody in the family
likes...but hes still with her....prolly will be for a
while. ive gotten used to it. he lives in new york with
his grandma. my grandmother is actually the one person in
my family that im the closest to. she and me go to a
ceramic class at the community center twice a week. its
fun....but im the only young person there. the rest of
them are between my mums age and my grandmas age and some
are even older. but thats ok. you can learn a lot from
those older then you. the ppl that go regularly are: me,
my grandma, cricket, terry, marion, tina, kim, ty (hes
crickets son and the only guy), elenor, connie, and diane.
i think thats everyone. tonight were having a little
christmas party at terrys house since she cant go
anywhere. terry had a histerectomy (prolly wrong spelling
but im no doctor) the 2nd of december....shes still on bed
leave. so were all going to go bring her some christmas
cheer. my grandpa just broke his ankle. end of story. My
uncles not having the best of years. over the summer his
grandma died and most recently his mum died. *sadness* my
friends are the best. Janet is an angel. shes gone through
cancer and is still the best person she can be. Paige,
Heather and Malyssa are all like family to me. actually on
a regular basis i call them my sisters. lol. Stephanie has
been going through a bad time...but she'll get through
it...she just needs some time. Vanessa and Patrick are
very happy with each other. im happy for her. she needs a
good boy. Reagan just moved to Utah. *sadness* hes going
to go spend time with his grandfather. his grandpa isnt
expected to live into the new year. poor Reagan. ive dated
many guys...most of them im still friends with. most
recently it was Matt. things went too fast. so we broke up
and decided to just be friends. theres one person in my
life that is #1 and nobody can beat him. Cody's the best
person i kno and hes helping me get away from the
depressed state i used to be in. to him i will always be
greatful. he is an angel sent from above to help anyone he
could. im glad he found me. hes the one that believes in
me the most.

this entry is pretty long. normally wont be...but i needed
to say all of that.

Love to all,


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"When you were born, the world was smiling and you were
crying. Live your life so that when you die, the world is
crying and you are smiling."