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2003-12-22 17:58:10 (UTC)

First day in new place

Well this is the first day in this new journal. Hope it
stays nice and neat and that I can keep writing in it. I
don't think I can put pictures up here. That is too bad.
I will find a way to put pictures on a webpage and send it
to here. I love showing people my life. I think that I
am crazy sometimes and it is nice to know that I am not
always crazy-that others feel the same way.
Today I rented a car. I am really excited. I am
finally leaving to go down to Beaumont. I am taking my
cat and my boyfriend. I had to get a mid size car becuase
well becuase a cat needs his space for his comode and
sleeping area. I better be off to get everything ready
for the trip down to Texas. Hope all is well with
everyone. December 22, 2003