2003-12-22 17:21:03 (UTC)

my bleeding light

DANZIG, „Thrall-demonsweatlive“, „Live from the Black Hand
side“, „6:66 Satans child“

bald ist der 24ste. eins, zwei - daddy kommt vorbei. drei,
vier - verschließe deine tür.
I am a walkin‘, screamin‘ hell...
.... but if you wanna find hell with me/ i can show you
what it’s like/ `till you’re bleeding
do you wear the mark?

This bread I eat/this oath I swear/ as I inflame myself
with prayer/ there is no grace/ there is no guilt/this is
the law : Do what thou wilt! (Baudelaire)

Satans Child
Where do you turn to when you got no soul to sell
Where can you run to when you live no place but hell
turn it up, turn it loose
turn out the dead
Burn it up, burn it loose
On the road of Cain
Godless, Satans child
God don’t love no Satans child

Who can you go to when your life is on the block
Who do you pray to when your darkest hour‘s come
Turn it up, turn it loose
Let that bad boy breathe
Burn it up, burn it loose
Like they never seen
Godless, Satans child
Love no Satans child
You see the sign up ahead all you who enter lose all hope
Check my I.D. see who I am
6 and 6 and 6 is my name
Without light, I am
I am soulless and proud
that I’m not like your kind
I delight watching you drown
as this world drags you down

shine darkest star

Snake bone chain
hugs your neck
matters not your curse awaits
when you see me stand aside
if I call you
pray to hide
can you offer your last breath
smile of blood lips of death

shine darkest star
wie ich schon sagte. es ist längst nicht vorbei.