you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-12-22 16:57:26 (UTC)

iN ClaSS

uhh shit fucking bitchass cunt aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i'm in
euro, supposed to be working on my rough draft of this
essay shit i dunno i haven't even wrote my thesis...

msi was amazing on thurday, i want to go see them again...
liz phair is going to be at the electric factory i'll
probably go w/ andrew and ahh omg! ashley's birthday is
comming up, she is gonna be 18. yay- scary though, but it's
cool we're gonna go into philly and club or some shit like

lauren was tellin me about how she was hallucinating the
other night it made me think about the last few months and
how much better i've been b/c the last few yrs have been so
hard it's fuckin insane. i was so manic: i've been up and
down and fukin upsidown it was insane. now i don't know if
i'm genuinly happy or just empty inside. i'm definately not
healthy cause i havent been feeling sad or able to cry at
all for the past few months and even though it's kind of
good it's really not cause sad shit happends and i don't
feel sad. it's weird but since i'm not fuckin myself up
i'll let it go for now.........

i miss andrew! he said that he was cryin b/c he missed me
(and he's sick so he already feels like crap....) it was so
sweet when he told me i wanted to cry and i got all
emotional but ahh i still couldn't (cry). i'll probably
chill w/ him tuesday night if he feels better if not then
after xmas...

grr class is over, gotta go to lit.. god damn i hate school.
xoxo- cedes