This is my crappy life
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2003-12-22 15:52:46 (UTC)


Oh look school is out woo hoo but still iam up at like
10:30 am....damn it all the hell I wanted sleep... well I
am 18 now yes go me go me go me...i got a car...a new
boyfriend named JJ (the best guy in the world no matter
what you crackheads think) he has changed since you all
shit heads knew him...I'm tired of people telling me he's a
bad guy hello I've been dating him for almost 4 months and
have been haging out with him for like 5 months...don't
tell me he's a bad guy...you knew him when he was into
drugs...he's not now...and he won't cheat on me either he
works with my mom and then comes home to me...he lives
with me till jan. 1st...so SCREW YOU ALL is you think he's
bad cause he isn't...ok I g2g bye