forever changing
2003-12-22 15:31:55 (UTC)

happy holidays

it is now christmas break but i have been working so much i
have not really been able to enjoy it yet but tomarrow is
may last day of work before i christmas and i dont work
again untill i get back from montana i can't wait i am so
excited. i got my lettermans jaket on friday and i love it
its really comfy. tomarrow after work i get to go to mikes
and we are goin to make dinner and have our christmas
together that day because i will not be able to see him
very much on christmas but i think he might come over on
xmas eve and possibly have dinner with us on xmas. iu have
to go to work in about 15 min so i am going to go find my
shoes and brush my hair
merry xmas and happy holidays