lyssa's Diary!
2003-12-22 05:49:35 (UTC)

ugh work!

i found out today that AJ is commin home tomorrow. i dont
know how to react to that. i mean yea i havent seen him
sense may, but.... i dont wanna get hurt again ya know? i
want to have a friendship but also laugh again cuz he
always made me laugh and i do want to leave on good terms.
maybe i just have too good of a heart? i dont want to be
friends with melissa though. i have way to much of a
history to give up with him. but maybe this is the end?
like my closure? maybe i dont even feel ne thing towards
him ne more? im hoping so!
ne ways at work. i had a 7 hr shift today.. blah!!and i
have a 6 tomorrow! i called melissa on break cuz i told
her i would. i just ended up bitching her out. and i was so
upset by the end i hung up on her and called her selfish.
it was immature of me but i would have ended up yelling so
much that the customers would have heard me from the back
room. i started to cry and i talked to Michael and said he
isnt worth it. and that yea everyone one knows who he is,
but melissa just wants a piece of him. ne ways i dont know
ne more. i started thinken about slapping him, but then i
just cant get myself to do it. depends how i feel if i
actully do see him. what should i do? should i see him or
should i just let things happen? who knows ugh... i gotta
go now.. i think i might get to bed im soooooooooo tired
but at least im getten a good paycheck on friday! woohooo!
bye u guys!