2003-12-22 05:43:43 (UTC)

uh huh.

lol i went and saw that movie AGAIN. cus i knew ashley
would like it. and i didnt mind at all watching it again.

tomorrow sucks cus i have to take my car in, then i have
to work. but i dont have to wake up early tuesday so were
guna party tomorrow night. see if sebastien can teach us
how to dance lol. get drunk and watch BET. lol.

[12:38 AM]: ahem.
[12:38 AM]: write about how wonderful it is to see me
[12:38 AM]: and how you want to have sex with me
[12:38 AM]: and how youre going to come to tampa ever
other day
[12:38 AM]: until our wedding
[12:39 AM]: (and how the star on my butt is pink!)

lol. its soooooooooooooooo wonderful to see her and i want
to have sex with her and i want to come to tampa every
other day until our wedding. and the star on her butt is
pink. this is the best im guna do for writing in here

[12:14 AM]: but will you show my your titties
[12:14 AM]: yeah i saw it last night
[12:14 AM]: its cute.

LaDiDaGrl [12:14 AM]: yeah my ass is cute
LaDiDaGrl [12:14 AM]: whateva

[12:14 AM]: lol
[12:14 AM]: youre so fucking funny
[12:14 AM]: come have sex with me
[12:14 AM]: i want it

LaDiDaGrl [12:14 AM]: lol maybe i will

[12:15 AM]: fuck. its not like youre going to get any in
indiana man

LaDiDaGrl [12:15 AM]: for sure.

[12:15 AM]: lol
[12:15 AM]: you lil whore.
[12:15 AM]: =)

LaDiDaGrl [12:15 AM]: im not having sex now cus my girl
wont give it up and i dont want to fuck him.
LaDiDaGrl [12:15 AM]: but what the fuck am i guna do

[12:16 AM]: im bored what should i do
[12:17 AM]: besides kick it to you 3

LaDiDaGrl [12:18 AM]: lets talk about that.
LaDiDaGrl [12:18 AM]: thats what we can do
LaDiDaGrl [12:18 AM]: why wont she give it up?

[12:20 AM]: lol
[12:20 AM]: oh my god
[12:20 AM]: cuz unlike most people including us
[12:20 AM]: she probably DOESNT justify cheating on people

LaDiDaGrl [12:20 AM]: yeah i know we had that conversation
LaDiDaGrl [12:20 AM]: but i mean, man, if you want
something, you do it.
LaDiDaGrl [12:20 AM]: its not like she dont want to.

[12:20 AM]: lol
[12:21 AM]: youre so vaiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn

LaDiDaGrl [12:21 AM]: lol
LaDiDaGrl [12:21 AM]: but okay we'll go back even more,
why wont she kick this whore out

[12:21 AM]: i dunno
[12:21 AM]: lets go do it for her

LaDiDaGrl [12:21 AM]: yeah right now?

[12:22 AM]: truuueeeee
[12:22 AM]: HOLLA
[12:22 AM]: were all ghettofab tonight
[12:22 AM]: might as well
[12:22 AM]: be like bitch.
[12:22 AM]: this is my girl.
[12:22 AM]: bitch.

LaDiDaGrl [12:22 AM]: yeah she is.
LaDiDaGrl [12:23 AM]: LOL
LaDiDaGrl [12:25 AM]: WHAT am i guna DO with this whore

[12:25 AM]: lol

LaDiDaGrl [12:29 AM]: we could have sex at your house.
LaDiDaGrl [12:29 AM]: lol
LaDiDaGrl [12:29 AM]: dawns trying to make a plan or
something and im thinking of something else

[12:30 AM]: yeah i wanna get drunk and fuck
[12:30 AM]: mhmm