My ideas and philosphys about life
2003-12-22 05:39:10 (UTC)

ok this goes out to the..

ok this goes out to the sheridans i hope you read it it
might be a wake up call for you i dont care either i am
not your friend and some one has to tell this to u i would
tell it to your face to cuz i am not afaid of
confrintation i fear for you and you well being in life
you are so twisted and dolutted ur lives dont suck that
much get a grip another thing u should take notice to is
that the friends that you have or had u should hold on to
and maybe not write about them and then deny it in person
see people dont like comuplsive liars or people that talk
behind their back to a public audience i have had personal
experiance and trust me if u decide to start a war
EVERYONE WILL SIDE WITH ME well everyone that we have in
common u see u have burned everyone in the past they all
would gladly choose sides with me cuz i dont know i dont
bitch about how i hate them to other people and then deny
it when it gets out ya and then put on a happy face

sience u will probally still be in denial i will just
smile and act like everything is ok like u do what is the
point if u do it i mean i hate u but u dont seem to grasp
that concept so kiss my ass and change everyone wants u
to u twisted sicopathic bitches