The things you never knew?
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2003-12-22 04:34:06 (UTC)

lets try this again

Well I had half my journal written and then I was really
smart and I clicked on another linked and lost
everything. It is good that I didn't really have much to
say nor do I know. I am on Christmas break and well lets
just say it isn't the most happening place, so I have been
spending hours online doing well absolutely nothing.
Although, i have been spending a lot of time reading good
ole Meagan's journal. which this is where I was inspired
to start my very own. So who ever wants to read about how
pathetic my life is they can. I believe that my goal will
to be, how boring can this be.

Today on Sunday, i don't know the acutal day it is
break... I woke up to realize my mom left and went to
church without me... urgh I hate going to church all by
myself. If you know me you might know why and you might
not. I am prone to passing out and it happens most often
in church. Weird huh! Well of course today is the day it
would happen, like the first time in forever. I am
kneeling in church (yes I'm Catholic), my heart begins to
pound and I am like oh No... This can't happen not here
not now. It is embarrasing. I could literally feel the
color drain from my face and i begin to get hot. Well
since I am a pro I was like ok set back on the pew and put
your head down between your knees. Yes all of this in
church. Luckily we kneel at the end of church and I made
it through mass where I was able to escape into fresh
air. So think GOD I didn't pass out. Mom is already
freakin out about me leaving the country with all my other
problems. I believe that I live in the most boring town
ever so I go to hang out with Ma. I wrap presents and
wonder what she was really thinking when she bought them.
Oh well it is the fact of the idea. She then tells me she
wants me to go to mc donalds to buy her $60.00 of gift
certificates. WOW! for the great grand kids. So I do as I
am told I go and get them. The boy first looks at me like
he doesn't know what to do and calls for the manager...
when finally she got him the gift certificates he handed
them to me and said, "Don't use all of them at once" I
was thinking is that even possible! What do I look like a
COW. Then mom and I ventured to wal mart where I spent
about 45 mins playing with one of those push the button
here the music thing. It was all kinds of good fun and
good music. It got me I wanted to buy all the CDS, but i
can't even afford Christmas gifts. SO now i had this
bright idea to make my own fun CDs. I think that I might
own a max of 10 CDs that i like the whole thing or atleast
half of it. Max of liking for me is like two to three
songs. So why not combine all those fav songs to a few
cds that way I can listen to just that. Seems brillant
but probably really isn't. I like to think of myself as
coming up with something new. So to top of my wonderfully
boring day i baked snickerdoodles, made buckeyes and made
sugar cookie dough. Yes I am just going to become a
little homemaker. That is what I am suppose to do
anyways! Right? Nah, not anymore.. i get to be a real
person not just a girl.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing "Mona Lisa Smile"
Its pretty good.

Other movies I have seen
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Something's Gotta Give