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2003-12-22 03:28:39 (UTC)

Me... ? ... Meet the Fam ... ? ... ¿ ... ? ... ¿ ... ?

Ok So christmas im not doin anything suprisingly... and
im kinda happy its gonna be nice and quiet but for
christmas eve is another story... I get to go to a family
get together for my boyfriends family. Yeah i get to meet
morgans Family, go swimming and have a blast with the love
of my life not to mention ....AT A HOTEL!... this is gonna
be the greatest! I cant wait and im soooo excited I cant
wait till Dance competeition its gonna rock our dances are
the best they have ever been!...OMG im soo happy i rock at
our dances and i get to spend more time with
morgan!!!!!!!!!! after that i get to go to washington DC
with heather AGAIN for the third time. Heather has a
tendencey to lie but she told me we get to go in the
pentagon how awesome is that? I can't wait. This year has
been the best year of my life so far and were only half way
done! Ok lets look at every thing thats happend this year i
lost a friend but i started to reilize how upset she made
me so its not such a big deal any more. I went to my first
high school dance at the time i was running from some guy
who liked me but ended up getting freaky on the dance floor
(and i mean freaky) with some super hot guy who i had a
crush on forever and then when it came to a slow song
someone told me to dance w/ jesse and i didnt want to cuz
not to be mean but im done with jesse so the super hot guy
i had a crush on asked me to dance cuz i was alone and not
dancing with anyone and in the middle of the song pulled me
away and we shared our first kiss in the middle of the
dance floor not even thinking about the fact i was kissing
the hottest guy ive ever seen! and a soon as our lips
pulled away i remebered he had a girlfriend BUT they were
technichally goin through a break up so you kno I DID
NOTHING WRONG (hey he kissed me i just happend to kiss
back). About a week after all this chaos happened the
super hot guy i got freaky on the dance floor and shared
that special kiss with asked me out! i was so happy even
though i told all my friends to bug him about asking me
out...and to this day we're goin out its morgan! Earlier in
the school year when we got our pictures i was sooo happy i
finally got my first nice looking school photo!...and i
have more guys talking to me this year even though i dont
like it cuz morgan knows and he gets mad it still feels
nice to know people actually like me this year but NO ONE
could EVER steal my heart away from morgan. Morgan is mine
and i belong to morgan and thats how it is going to stay
forever and always!.............Its wierd though i catch
myself getting really jelous over the stupidest things i
wonder if morgan does that too? like when he talks about
jessica P. and jessica f. i get so angry not at morgan but
at jessica because i feel like shes trying to steal my man
but im sure thats not the case, thats just what my brain
tells me! i so cant help that...and the fact that i have
the hottest boyfriend ever worries me cuz i kno alot of
people want him and i dont want him to break up with me for
somone better... :( well i try not to worry about that and
when we are alone i dont worry about anyone but us i guess
thats a good thing!.........well i have to go its time to
sleep!...well ttyl buhh bye!