Jordie Bee
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2003-12-22 02:40:54 (UTC)

In Texas!! In love...

Dear Diary,
I am in Pampa,Texas. Fun! I celibrated christmas yesterday.
It was really fun. I got a sweater,an abercrombie and fitch
shirt, and a shower raidio! It is awesome. I like my shirt!
I'm wearing it! lol.. Well.. That's just about all we did
yesterday. Today I went to chirch and then I met 4 new
friends. Annie, she's really nice! I went to her house
today! She is really short too. Oh and pretty. lol. Then I
met Kaylee, she is about the same.. She likes my brother!
And Andrew likes her too! How perfect! lol. Then I met
Stephany, she is really nice. But she likes Andrew too.
So... yeah... But it's cool.. And I don't really know what
to do about the last one.. His name is (that's right!HE.)
Ryan. I am in love. Yes this is bad. How can I be going out
with someone and still be in love with someone els. He
likes me too. He is so sweet. I feel bad tho because that
is rong for me to do that. I hope I don't hirt Camron. He
is so nice. I am so confused. He has a g/f and I have a b/f.
He likes me and I like him. I love him.... What do I do? I
am so confused.....


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