Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-12-22 00:25:03 (UTC)

Ode to 2003...

Walk with me,
Through eternal beauty,
Brandishing your gnarly teeth,
Flashingly repulsive.
Cast away the doubts,
And leave your guilt behind;
Journey with me,
Into the land of bliss.

With my axe, and my bow,
I will defend thee,
If by my life, or death,
I will protect you,
And keep you from harm.

A soldier, nothing more am I,
I rally the troops to a cause,
And rush headlong into the fray,
I fear not for myself,
Nor for those who do not try.

Succumb to the pleasures in this life,
And die quietly in your soul,
Out with a whimper,
A lost soul soon forgotten.

Storm upon crow,
Black within black,
Break my silence,
Eat my churlishness.

Sink into despair,
My love for you has gone.

Pity me,
Let not my sacrifices be in vain,
Show me compassion,
So that I may love thee again.