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2003-12-21 22:18:38 (UTC)


well again work was sooo much fun!! i had a patient fall
and that is never good but shes ok she pretty much threw
herself out of her wheelchair.. but not very fast because
she cant move fast.. and let me tell u she isnt a light
patient either.... so that was fun there were like 4 of us
in there getting her up thats great lol but other then that
i dont have to work until christmas day now!!!! which is
excellent:o) besides the fact that i have to work
christmas day!!!!!! but today is also 2 months after my
accident and mine and ryans 9 month thingy.,... well
consecutively and i dont know how i did it or how im still
doing i mean its been the bumpiest road ever and let me
emphasize bumpiest i mean there had been so much shit it
amazing we r still togethr i dont know y and i cant figure
it out but oh well im living.... but im out now got some
stuff to do...

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