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The Blue of my Oblivion
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2003-12-21 20:05:58 (UTC)

football is the debil

my family is all football. the only way i get any attention
payed to me is if i shout FOOTBALL SUCKS in which case i
get thrown out of the house and that's the most contact
i'll get with them. at christmas, my mom and i decided to
walk into my aunts house in full football attire, complete
with pads, and when they ask us what we're doing we say "we
just wanted you to pay attention to us" which is oh so true
and sad.

my grandparents spent hundreds of dollars flying first
class to see my cousin play frickin football, but they
wouldn't pay a six dollar cover charge to come hear me sing.

i need to get out.

in the waterboy, bobby's mom always told him foooooseball
was the debil! yeah...football really is the debil. t'will
be a dark Xmas in my house this year.

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