Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-12-21 19:10:54 (UTC)

16th Of The 12th

I want to write a lot today (16/12) as its been a very
good day for me. I've not had time to type anything up
yet, but I will soon enough. I've a thank you and an
apology to write yet - and they'll be done if you're
reading this typed. Already, I say already....I've had my
CDRW a couple of weeks and I've made 2 CDs. Good ratio.
Both copies of things I have on vinyl, too. Its a good
world I live in now.

I have a thankyou to send to an old professor, whose
disorganisation was JUST beginning to worry me, but he
said only kind things, and agreed to referee for me.
Winner. Both he & me.

I'd also like to thank Arsene Wenger for making me £3.50
richer today. A gentleman and a scholar.

I also want to lament my single status again - I just
think I'd work really well in a much as I
know it would be a surprise to see me as part of one. Do I
have my eye on anyone? No. However, after my outpouring of
self-pity to Didi I've begun to feel better about my
chances. I no longer walk up to a girl and make an arse of
myself. Having said that, I'll have REALLY scared a friend
of a friend the other night. I was chatting to an old
coursemate of mine (I type cormorant twice there, odd) and
then I tried speaking to her friend.

Once again I was made to look/feel like a loser. I don't
know. I WASN'T trying to chat her up, either, just to
involve her in the conversation. I was just naive, I
guess, that people could converse with undertones. Nice.
I'm trying to be nicer to people and they just think I'm
trying to get into their pants. Can't do right for doing

When I say nice, I mean I'm trying to get people to know
me quicker, because I know I take an age for people to
click with. I try to hurry that process along. Start with
an unconventional question.

WILT? Air - Talkie Walkie.